Kyle Higgins – Community Class Participant

My work load has increased and I wanted to get in to a routine, doing something that would switch me off to the negative and stress things around my job.

From the first [session] I have had fun and feel better. I can move better, my body feels better and even sitting with crossed legs on the floor which is something I didn’t do and thought it was weird how people did it and found it comfy. I’ll be honest, I was sceptical but 100% this is for anyone who wants to feel better.

Slowly but surely I am feeling more flexible, healthier (because I can control when I ache) and less stressed. Whenever I am at my computer or bending over my work table and my neck or back starts to ache I spend 60 seconds doing a couple of stretches and it’s gone.

Sam who teaches the class is amazing. She listens and helps you at your pace which is something I hadn’t experienced at my previous Pilates classes.
Can not say anything but good points. I don’t know anyone who wouldn’t benefit from this.

See you next week!

Richard Woodhead – Community Class Participant

Can’t believe how stressed out I was with work Wednesday, my back was all tight with having a physical job.

After doing your class I felt great and relaxed, actually all my stress had gone completely and felt like all the tension had gone too.

Definitely coming next week. Thanks so much!!!

If anyone as had a bad day, fed up, stressed out or just need to chill out come to this class. OMG you will feel the benefit. Wow.

Jenny Lowe – Community Class Participant

I thoroughly enjoy Alice’s classes.
There is a mix of stretching, strengthening exercises and relaxation afterwards.
There are a fabulous group of people who go and we benefit from Alice’s knowledgable, and gentle guidance.
We always have fun and support.
My body has benefitted from the classes so much.
Thank you Curel.

Caroline Northrop – Clarity Accountancy

Dear Sam,

I would like to thank you for inviting me to your class on Monday.

The taster session was great. The simple stretches and movement released all the tension in my shoulders and left me feeling very relaxed.

The venue was lovely and so relaxing with the candle light, it was just what I needed. I was almost asleep at one point.

I admire the work you do Sam for the community and would like to support you and your business in anyway that I can.

I am looking forward to the classes starting in January and have no hesitation in recommending you to friends, family and clients.

Thanks again,

Caroline (Managing Directory of Clarity Accountancy)

Helen Byram – MD Buzz Safety

Dear Sam,

I write this testimonial to Sam at Curel, to thank her for the most amazing series of treatments to aid my wellbeing over the last year.

I have had numerous treatments from Sam and I can honestly say she is never anything less than the epitome of professional. My needs as her customer have always been at the forefront of any therapy I have received and Sam has always taken tie and interest to make sure everything is tailored to soothe my ills, aches, pains, and stresses.

Sam has also recommended easy treatments, techniques and stretches I can carry out at home to prolong the benefits of her treatment and my feeling of wellbeing.

I would highly recommend Sam to any organisation wanting to improve the wellbeing and motivation of their staff. Sam’s interest in her clients’ welfare stretches far beyond the treatment they receive in her classes or therapy room. Curel would be an asset to the health and wellbeing programme of any organisation, and I will recommend your services to as many of my clients as possible.

With heartfelt thanks,

Helen Byram (Managing Director of Buzz Safety Consultants Ltd)