Kyle Higgins – Community Class Participant

My work load has increased and I wanted to get in to a routine, doing something that would switch me off to the negative and stress things around my job.

From the first [session] I have had fun and feel better. I can move better, my body feels better and even sitting with crossed legs on the floor which is something I didn’t do and thought it was weird how people did it and found it comfy. I’ll be honest, I was sceptical but 100% this is for anyone who wants to feel better.

Slowly but surely I am feeling more flexible, healthier (because I can control when I ache) and less stressed. Whenever I am at my computer or bending over my work table and my neck or back starts to ache I spend 60 seconds doing a couple of stretches and it’s gone.

Sam who teaches the class is amazing. She listens and helps you at your pace which is something I hadn’t experienced at my previous Pilates classes.
Can not say anything but good points. I don’t know anyone who wouldn’t benefit from this.

See you next week!