Creating healthy and happy workplaces

Team Well harnesses the positive aspects of working in a team to promote physical and emotional wellbeing through the promotion of peer-to-peer support and working together toward a common goal, whilst recognising and acknowledging the varying personal benefits to individuals. 

Wellbeing in the workplace is essential for everyone's lives, and is applicable to all workplaces - many people spend the significant amount of their lives at work and so it is vital that the working environment plays a positive part in their wellbeing. 

The project involves exploring simple movement-based activities that counter some of the common stresses and strains of our daily lives. Whatever the context or environment, Team Well provides a set of services and resources that help to counter and alleviate the stresses and strains those of those involved through taking a team focused approach.

Ethos and Aims

Team Well aims to inspire and empower - embedding wellness into the workplace culture through movement-based activities.

All activities should be enjoyable, promote genuinely positive outcomes, and be easily fitted into to a daily working routine. Participants shouldn't have to take extra time out of their schedule (creating extra stress), and it’s important that they don’t feel an added strain to their existing responsibilities. Team Well is inclusive and created on a bespoke basis for each organisation and their individual employees.

We are currently piloting this project with a number of organisations in Lancashire and West Yorkshire - if you'd be interested in getting on board too please get in touch.