Movement plays an integral part in all of our lives and we recognise the value of this for a healthy and happy life - from making a cup of tea, playing with the kids, or going for a run, we are always moving.

Our work focuses on enhancing this integral part of our lives, exploring movement in a wide variety of ways to help people live well for longer. From classes involving stretching, core strengthening and breathing techniques, to creative dance sessions for all ages, we provide inclusive and accessible movement based activities that focus on the whole person and work to enhance overall quality of life.

We were founded by Sam McCormick and Alice Grayson, who are highly experienced in movement and dance. They met whilst studying for their Masters degrees in contemporary dance at London Contemporary Dance School in 2012 and, inspired by their friends and families, started to research ways to use their skills to help others. Many conversations over coffee were had over the following years but at this time Alice was based in Lancaster and Sam was down South. However, when Sam made the move to t'North they decided it was time to do what they'd been talking about for all these years!

Sam and Alice have worked as dancers, facilitators and movement practitioners in a variety of settings, including schools, community groups, charities, universities and with individuals. Curel combines their experience and knowledge to provide a unique service that is focused on the whole person and promotes individuality, self-care and enjoyment through movement.

We are a Community Interest Company, working on a not-for-profit basis with the people we work with at the heart of what we do. We have also welcomed on board Hilary Hopwood as Non-Executive Director. Hilary has a wealth of experience in teaching and health and social care and also runs East Meets West, a charity based in Lancaster that brings together women from different cultural backgrounds to celebrate friendship. Hilary offers a unique perspective to Curel, enabling us to broaden our work and ensure we are providing the highest quality service. 

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