Looking after those who care for others

Caring for Carers aims to enhance wellbeing and quality of life through supporting and valuing those who care for others.

It is widely acknowledged that those who take on the role of a carer for a loved one are likely, by nature, to have a natural predisposition towards empathy and compassion for those to whom they feel responsible. However, this propensity to take on board the responsibility of providing both physical and emotional support to another frequently leads to increasing levels of stress and anxiety for the carer.

This project aims to address some of the challenges of being a carer and the impact it can have on a person’s overall health and wellbeing, as well as exploring different stress management and relaxation techniques which can help with dealing with the emotional and psychological issues people often experience.

Our sessions also aim to bring people together, developing relationships between carers and the person they look after alongside creating a vital support network within the local community for anybody who is in a care role; enabling people to gain peer-to-peer support as well as advice and guidance from external organisations.

Participants also received our ‘Carer’’s Tool-Kit’’ to manage the demands of this highly challenging but vital role - created specifically for them and continuing to support them outside of our sessions.

This project is currently running in partnership with Lancaster's Neuro Drop-In clinic - please contact us for further information