Alice Grayson

Co-Founder / Director

[email protected]

+44 (0)717 050 086

Lancaster, United Kingdom

I am a Sports Massage Therapist and Freelance Dance Teacher. I have taught dance in community and higher education settings, including teaching practical dance and movement skills on both dance and drama degrees at universities in the North West. I have has been practicing Sports Massage for twelve years.

My current work involves working with individuals and groups, combining sports massage and stretching methods with rehabilitative movement techniques to promote healing and facilitate efficient movement and breathing patterns, as well as focusing on relaxation and stress reduction techniques.

My own experience of injury during my dance training led me to explore alternative methods of treatments, finding a more autonomous approach to the management of injuries as opposed to traditional physiotherapy and medication. This underpins my approach as a therapist and teacher today. Clients are treated on an individual basis, enabling them to find a proactive approach to their own wellbeing, whilst providing the support they need to achieve this.

I trained in dance at London Contemporary Dance School, achieving her B.A. (Hons) in Dance in 2004 and later an M.A. in Advanced Dance Studies in 2013. My Masters research was specifically focused on health and professional dance training. I received my VTCT Diploma in Sports Massage in 2005 and my Level 4 Certificate in Sports Massage in 2008. 

I deliver our sessions for organisations alongside Sam and I also lead our weekly community classes and one-to-one consultations in Lancaster!